I have a timeline of my teaching here: Teaching timeline 2008 2022

At Athabasca University, courses are online and asynchronous. I’m coordinating and tutoring:

Critical Thinking (PHIL 252)  

Youtube playlist for PHIL 252

Basics in Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing (PHIL 152)

Youtube playlist for PHIL 152

The following are some courses I taught in face to face classrooms.


Philosophy 102: Knowledge and Reality, Winter 2017, Grant MacEwan University

PHIL 101: Values and Society, Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Summer 2016,  MacEwan University, Fall 2017, Winter 2018.

PHIL 272: Feminist Philosophy, Winter 2011, Winter 2018, University of Alberta.

PHIL 250: Ethics, Winter 2015, Summer 2017, Summer 2018, Summer 2019 MacEwan University, Winter 2014 University of Alberta

PHIL 247: Continental Philosophy, Winter 2015, MacEwan University

PHIL 125: Practical Logic, Summer Session 2014 and 2008, University of Alberta. Winter 2011, MacEwan University

PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy: Values and Society, Spring Session 2010, Summer Session 2011, Spring Session 2013, Summer Session 2015, Summer Session 2016, University of Alberta.

PHIL 291: Existentialism, Spring Session 2012, Winter 2017, University of Alberta.

PHIL 224: Philosophy of Sexuality, Summer Session 2010, University of Saskatchewan.        

Women’s and Gender Studies/Cultural Studies:

WGS 266: Thinking from Women’s Lives: An Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, June 2019-ongoing, Athabasca University

WGS 101: Representations of Women and Girls, Spring 2018, University of Alberta

WGS 332 Syllabus Winter 2017 Contemporary Feminist Theory, Winter 2017, University of Alberta (co-teach with Randi Nixon)

WGS 440: Body Politics, Spring 2015, Fall 2017, University of Alberta

WGS 301: History of Feminist Thought, Fall 2014, University of Alberta

298 Syllabus Rodier: Critical Topics, Winter 2017, University of Alberta

WGS 201: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, Spring Session 2013, Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Spring 2014, January 2015, University of Alberta.

Fat SyllabusTopics in Feminist Philosophy (Resistance and Embodiment: Fat Politics), Fall 2012, University of Alberta.

WST 101: Representations of Women and Girls, Women’s Studies, U of A

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